Harmony 100mg CBD Pen Cartridge OG Kush

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A disposable Harmony CBD pen kit 1ml cartridge in OG Kush flavour.

HARM15-O HARM15-O Harmony

A disposable Harmony CBD pen kit 1ml cartridge in OG Kush flavour.


Product Description

The Harmony CBD Pen is ideal if you want to get started with vaping CBD in a hassle-free way. 

This disposable 1ml cartridge contains 100mg of OG Kush flavour CBD (10% concentration) and delivers approximately 400 puffs.

Pre-filled with Harmony OG Kush, harmony's best selling terpene infused e-liquid flavour is designed to be used in conjunction with the Harmony Pen battery kit. This is the perfect flavour for cannabis smokers. Simply screw it into your Harmony Pen battery and start vaping. Contains 0.2% or less THC. Derived from industrial hemp.


Kit Contents

  • 1ml Harmony OG Kush CBD cartridge



  • OG Kush Flavour
  • With terpenes



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